Foundation Ensemble - Call For Proposal 2012

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Closing Date: February 12,2012.
In 2012, the Foundation will focus on funding projects that will bring multiple benefit in three or more categories of impact among the following:

 - Environmental Impact: Improvement of the main natural resources (water, air, timber, wildlife, fish,…), preservation/enhancement of biodiversity, fight against erosion, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon capture, soil enrichment, fight against desertification, etc. …
-  Social Impact: Improve food security, health, education, housing, governance, understanding and respect for human rights, reducing the risks of conflict …
- Economic Impact: Increase and diversification of income, creation of micro-enterprises, job creation, cost reduction (energy, water, …)…  
- Disaster Risks Reduction : Such as landslides, floods, destruction of habitat and means of production, caused by hazards like storms/cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis …
This is obviously not about trying to respond to all these issues, but to make interventions which can meet the priority needs of communities in one or several areas, while helping to improve the situation for other aspects.
For example, a well-designed project for community rehabilitation of mangroves in areas exposed to cyclones will:
- Enhance biodiversity and enrichment of fish stocks (spawning area and growth of young fish), allow carbon capture in the mangrove trees ;
-  Provide a resource of shellfish, fish, wood; allow an education to people about the importance of the mangrove, with a community mobilization around its management and its protection;
-  Bring additional revenues from the commercialization of resources, raw or transformed, potential eco-tourism;
-  Provide partial protection of the coastline (dikes, crops, housing) against strong winds, waves and floods, caused by storms and cyclones.
There are many other examples of intervention which can impact different areas. Guided by its purpose, the Foundation already funds projects which have both social and environmental benefits and which are, therefore, projects with multiple benefits. Nevertheless, the principle of multiple benefits could become even more wide-ranging and privileged thanks to the spirit of this appeal.

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