Call For Proposal - German Embassy: Climate Fund 2012

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Closing Date: May 4,2012.

The Environmental, Climate and Energy Department of the German Embassy Pretoria is pleased to announce a new, small-scale project fund aimed at combating climate change and its effects. It is available mainly to South African Organizations. Applicants may request financial support of up to 25,000 Euro.
Of particular interest are applications for projects that
  1. RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE - by informing the South African society; promoting a political dialogue, enhancing interdisciplinary and critical reflection of the current debate, fostering an understanding of the climate change topic.
  2. INTRODUCE PRACTICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR CLIMATE PROTECTION - by providing sustainable tools for environmental protection and resource management for South African communities including a detailed outline of how to achieve them.
  3. SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF LOW-CARBON DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES - such as international, national and local mitigation and adaptation strategies, concepts in support of the transition towards a green economy or research on the potential of emission reduction regulations like emissions trading, carbon taxes etc. in South Africa.
The German Embassy encourages project proposals to be submitted across the range of objectives exceeding those listed above.The fund is open for bids from both the private and public sector. We kindly invite bids from business and governmental institutions, as well as qualified civil society organisations. The implementing organisation must have a South African base and needs to contribute financially or by staff participation.
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