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Based on the theme of “Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future,” the program provides support to researches uncavering new relations between people, nature, and culture, and aspiring to an enriched society in which people sustain each other. In particular, the program targets research projects with important social significance that adopt a pioneering stance based on flexible ideas that are not limited by existing frameworks.

Grant Type:
A. Joint Research
  1. Research that aims at creating new social value
  2. Practical research that contributes to addresing socila issue
B. Individual Research
We target individual researches conducted by young researchers or those who do not belong to universities or    formal research institutions. We expects prposals from any field or topic provided that the researcher has adopted an innovative perspective and approach, and that the project can contribute positively to the researcher's own future.
The application period is 16 April 2012 to 18 May 2012 if applying by internet (or 17 May if by postal mail).

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