Call For Application 2012 - ACF: For Local NGO Partners (Indonesian)

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Closing Date: July 30,2012.

Action Contre la Faim (ACF) is a private, charitable, non political, non profit, and professional non governmental organization working with others to fight against hunger, diseases and life threatening crises.

Action Contre la Faim (ACF) is seeking a local NGO partner for its Water, Sanitation,  and Hygiene program in Takari and Amabi Oefeto Timur sub-districts, Kupang District, NTT.  The local NGO partner will be responsible for implementing STBM Methodology, community development activities, water facilities construction/rehabilitation activities, Hygiene promotion training in close collaboration with ACF and the local government. An initial partnership of 1 year with the selected local NGO should start in October 2012.
Qualifications for potential partners :
- Commitment to humanitarian principles: independence, neutrality, non-discrimination, professionalism, and transparency.
- Organisational mission related to poverty reduction, water and public health, and/or the fight against hunger.
- Legally constituted with up-to-date registration according to Indonesian regulations.
- Established internal organization structure and procedures, and experience working in partnership with international NGO’s or donors.
- Proven track record of water, sanitation, and hygiene related projects addressing needs of targeted population with measurable impact.
- Established accounting systems, logistics procedures, and human resources management.
- Good relationship with local authorities, other local NGO’s, donors, and communities.
- Interest in developing capacity in water, sanitation, and hygiene projects through a long-term partnership with an international NGO.
-  Experience working in Kupang district would be an advantage.
The interested organization should contact ACF to receive the application forms. To the application form should be attached the copy of the registration documents.
Please request and then submit all application materials to:
Action Contre la Faim (ACF) – Jakarta Office
Plaza D’Best Blok J/No.36, Jl. Fatmawati Raya no.15 
JakartaSelatan 12420
Telp : 021
759 15 814, Fax : 021.759 14 358
For any further information please contact, Rayendra Thayeb/Assistant of Country

Director ACF Indonesia:

Source and More Information:


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