Call For Proposal 2012 - University of Nairobi-IDRC: Research Grants on Innovative Application of ICTs in Addressing Water-related Impacts of Climate Change

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Closing Date: November 30,2012:

The main objective of the Call for Proposals is to strengthen the capacity of registered Masters and PhD students in universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to more effectively engage in research on application of ICTs for water management underchanging climatic conditions and attendant policy formulation. The specific objectives of this grant program are to:
(a) Train/support graduate students (Masters and PhD levels) to conductresearch on ICTs, climate change and water through research awards.
(b) Build institutional applied research capacity on ICTs and climate change adaptation strategies in the water sector within weakly funded postgraduate programs in the various universities in the three regions.
(c) Increase inter-regional partnerships and collaborations among theparticipating institutions in this emerging area of applied research.

Eligible research grants will address the various dimensions of how ICTs can be used to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacities of communities in developing countries to deal with water insecurity resulting from the changing climate. 

The countries that are eligible for this Call for Proposals are developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The awards are only open to citizens of developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America who are studying in universities in these regions.

Applicants must provide documentary evidence that they are enrolled in a relevant Masters or PhD program in a university in one of the eligible countries (e.g. approved proposal) and a letter from their supervisor that they have started or would soon be starting their field research work. In addition, the applicant must commit to carrying out his/her research work in one of the eligible countries. 

Candidates for the research awards can apply up to a maximum of CA$15,000 for PhD grantees and CA$7,500 for Masters grantees. These are only indicative figures and due to the need to support a larger number of students from developing countries, strong proposals seeking modest funding support will receive high priority and have a higher chance of being awarded. These amounts exclude the cost of presenting a paper at a conference. There will be two disbursements. The first will be 80% of the project budget to cover the research costs once the student has been cleared by the supervisor to start field work.  The second disbursement (20%) will be done once the student has submitted the final thesis (documentary evidence will be required). This final amount can then be used to produce the final bound copies for submission. To be eligible for the funds for publication, the grantee must have written a paper that has been accepted at an international conference.

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