Call For Proposal 2013 - CTI PFAN`s:Pilot Programme for Financing Adaptation related Climate Change Projects

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Closing Date: April 30,2013.

Developing countries will experience some of the worst impacts of climate change and given the constraints on the availability of public sector resources, it is generally accepted that significant private sector financing will be required to play a role in addressing many of the challenges of adaptation.

CTI PFAN’s Pilot Programme for Financing Adaptation related Climate Change Projects seeks to identify promising projects which have the capability of raising private sector financing. Selected projects will be offered free professional advice on project development and structuring and will be connected with investment through CTI PFAN’s global investment networks. The best projects will also be showcased at an Investor Forum to be held later in 2013.

Project Eligibility:
CTI PFAN seeks project proposals that are financially and technically viable, environmentally
beneficial, socially responsible and meet the CTI PFAN adaptation criteria:

Adaptation related projects are those that help reduce the vulnerability of human and natural systems to the current and future impacts of climate change and climate-related risks, increasing or maintaining adaptive capacity and resilience in the targeted regions and countries through investment for project implementation. There are no sectoral exclusions but projects in the following sectors will be targeted for selection:
§  Micro-finance and Micro-Insurance
§  Agriculture & Agri-business
§  Energy & Access to Energy (Climate Proofing of Energy Generation & Supply)
§  Water and Sanitation
§  Tourism
§  Forestry & Eco-system Services
§  Urban Adaptation
§  Adaptation Products & Services
Eligible projects include proposals by:
§  Companies, Individuals or Legal Agencies
§  Municipalities, Local Authorities & Government Persons
§  Public Private Partnerships
§  NGOs

Only business opportunities that require total (initial) capital in excess of US$ 1 million (or currency equivalent) will be considered. Applications from projects in all Sub-Saharan African countries will be considered with priority being given to projects from Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Senegal.
Project Selection:
Up to 20 projects will be selected to participate in the Pilot Programme. Project selection is expected to occur by end of June 2013. Projects will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:
% Criteria
12,5 Adaptation Eligibility
12,5 Commercial Viability & Value Proposition
10 Management Team
10 Implementation Operations & Technology
15 Financials
10 Risk Analysis & Mitigation
10 Adaptation Benefits
10 Project Maturity
7.5 Replication / Scalability Potential
5 Overall Impression

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