Call For Proposal 2013 - EU/FAO: FLEGT Programme

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Closing Date: May 31,2013.

The EU FAO FLEGT programme will issue one call for proposals in the year 2012 and in 2013. Calls for proposals are opened to local stakeholders (government, civil society and private sector organizations) who play a role in the VPA implementation. Each project is limited to a maximum funding of 100 000 EUR.

Projects selected through the call for proposals mechanism will support initiatives that advance the VPA process and encourage active engagement of stakeholders. Projects will address targeted thematic areas that will have been identified in collaboration with the VPA country and the European Union.
This refers to the countries that have negotiated or are negotiating a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union. Under this definition, the list of 14 eligible countries in this call for proposals is as follows:
·         Cameroon,
·         Gabon,
·         Ghana,
·         Guyana
·         Honduras,
·         Indonesia,
·         Ivory Coast
·         Liberia,
·         Malaysia,
·         Central African Republic,
·         Republic of the Congo,
·         Democratic Republic of the Congo,
·         Lao People's Democratic Republic
·         Viet Nam.

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