Gant Program 2013 - TOYOTA Foundation: Target Countries - Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam

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Dynamic changes have transformed many, if not all, countries in Asia. A number of countries in the region have become more prosperous. These countries will soon share similar challenges with Japan. As equals, Japan and these countries need to create a new style of cooperation. Benefit from mutual learning gets larger than ever before.

Target countries:
1.    Indonesia
2.    Japan
3.    Philippines
4.    Vietnam

Thematic Areas:
a)    Aging society;
b)   Multicultural Society
c)    Consensus-building on local environmental issues

The duration of projects is limited to one year, without any extension. All projects need to start on 1st November, 2013 and finish all activities by 31st October, 2014.

Grant Amount:
a.    Project focusing in one of the target countries: 3 million yen
b.    Project focusing in more than two countries with comparative nature: 6 million yenmillion yen

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