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Closing Date: October 31, 2014.

The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) invites biodiversity conservation leaders working in countries or regions that do not fall under high-income economy by the World Bank to apply for Whitley Awards 2015. The winners are each awarded £35,000 GBP to implement the proposed conservation project for maximum period of 12 months. The targeted grantees are those individuals who work in locations where international fund are hardest to raise, most needed, and will make the largest conservation impact.

Applications which give evidence that the project can become self-supporting or be able to attract further funds over time will be given priority.

Eligibility Criteria
§  Applicant must be biodiversity conservation leader working in and national of country/region that is not defined as high-income economy by the World Bank.
§  Applicant must be the leader of the project for which s/he is applying. Joint applications are not accepted.
§  Applicant must be able to communicate her/his ideas in English.
§  PhD projects, MSc dissertations and undergraduate projects are not eligible for the Award.
§  Expeditions, government work or government departments – are not supported.
§  Applicant must also send a separate email with no attachments following submission of the application form and supporting documents. This email should confirm that the applicant has attempted to submit an application.

Note: The application form should be attached as a Microsoft Word document and not a PDF. Please put WA 2015 in the subject heading and your full name.

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