Call For Concept Note 2015 - SEI SIDA: for Environmentally Sustainable Development, Gender equality, and Poverty Reduction

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Closing Date: December 31, 2015.

SEI welcomes concept notes for events in Asia on advancing environmentally sustainable development, gender equality, and poverty reduction. The events should preferably bring representatives from government, the private sector, and civil society together with researchers, and feature active exchanges between participants.

Overall, the programme seeks to change mind-sets and everyday practices to ultimately benefit the citizens of the region, with particular attention to poor and marginalized groups such as, but not limited to, women, children, ethnic minorities and other environmentally vulnerable groups based on their specific contexts.

The programme will seek to strengthen environmentally sustainable development, gender equality, and poverty reduction in the region. Selected events should build new knowledge; leadership; strengthen existing capacity; enhance and foster networks and partnerships; and generate new collaborations and undertakings in ways that are gender-responsive. Special priority will be given to applicants who address gender issues and work towards the advancement of gender equality in innovative ways. There is also scope to consider private-sector collaboration and partnerships for development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Events should also demonstrate likelihood to change practice and policy.

Criteria for selection:
Due to limited funding, SEI in consultation with SIDA will undertake a selection process of the submitted concept notes on the basis of the following criteria:
1.     Thematic focus and relevance within the area of environmental sustainable development.
2.   Equal and balanced participation of women and men such as resource persons, panellists, and discussants in the event.
3.     Demonstrate likelihood that the event leads to more gender-responsive policy outcomes.
4.     Regional-level strategic outreach and the scope of the event within the Asia Region, as opposed to a country-level event.
5.     Demonstrate that the event would benefit the citizens of the region, with particular attention to the poor, women, and other marginalized groups.
6.    Demonstrate likelihood to change practice and policy that will address poverty alleviation in the region.
7.  Use of innovative facilitation methods and technologies to enhance participation and active discussion among participants.
8.   Soundness of monitoring and evaluation plan for monitoring the change of behavior of target groups.
9.     Reasonable proposed budget.

Grant Total:
A total of 1,200,000 SEK will be awarded evenly in the 4 quarters of a year to support 4 strategic events each year with the maximum limitation of 300,000 SEK.

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