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Closing Date: January 1, 2012:

Which person or organisation in your country – or any other country – do you think deserves to be honoured by the children's prize for contributions on behalf of the rights of the child?
The World’s Children’s prize is awarded for outstanding contributions for the rights of the child. Read more about our Laureates before you fill out the nomination form. Please include the names of any organisations that support your nomination.

The longer the period and/or the harder the circumstances under which your candidate has been fighting for the rights of the child, the more likely that they will be picked as a World’s Children’s prize candidate.

People (children and adults) or organisations can be nominated. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 
You can also send your nomination by email. Download the nomination form here and send it to

Nominations received after this date will be added to the list for  World’s Children’s Prize 2014.

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